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QiGong For Exercising

QiGong exercises increase limber joints and stabilize stability

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While traveling in the eastern region of Tibet, known as Kham, I was able to do Qigong, which is energy work. Qi is energy, gong is work, and it is done at a very high elevation.

What You Will Discover


Slow down the mind.

It slows us down from our daily rhythms and speed of life. It requires you to mentally engage with your breathing and movement. It slows down the “monkey mind” of busy thoughts. Allowing you to focus and become rested.


Allows blood flow to increase.

Slow movement actually allows blood flow to increase. And increased blood flow means more nutrients are being carried to the brain. And when the brain gets all the nutrients from the blood - oxygen, minerals, etc. You can expect sharper mental clarity, increased focus, and improved memory.


Increase your parasympathetic.

Slow movement increases your parasympathetic (rest and recovery) branch of our nervous system. It’s integral for healing to occur.