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Clear the brain fog

Increase Your Energy And Start Feeling Better Today!

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The unique mix of essential oils and HOCL (anhydrous chloride) has been shown to inactive prions in the brain (Prion proteins cause neurodegeneration in the brain). And here’s what else we discovered.

This nasal spray makes quick contact with your olfactory nerves and clears up the brain fog… within minutes. And we’re not only seeing brain fog clear up, but also:

– sustained focus
– energy increase
– and clear, concise thinking

Imagine feeling brain fog clear up within minutes. It’s just a few spritzes away.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) – works as a chaperone molecule carrying the HOCL and essential oils into the body. HOCL (Anhydrous Chloride), is a substance our immune system secretes to disarm invaders, inactivates prionic activity, disarms and eliminates biofilms.

Spray helps get rid of brain fog, may increase your energy, clear your voice and make you feel better overall.

Here's what my colleague had to say about clear mind:

"I have been using Dr. Greg Eckel's Clear Mind Nasal Spray, I'm giving it to patients we've had great results for multiple reasons. Of course it's great for biofilm up there in the sinus cavity. I use it to really liven my brain, so I can be sharper for my patients and my patients actually rave about it.